You're Seeing Signs Of Mice In Your Home. Do You Have An Infestation?


Mice leave signs of their presence in the homes where they live. However, some warning signs are indicative of an immediate problem, while others could simply be leftover from a previous infestation. Knowing which warning signs are red flags will help you know what level of action to take.

Medium Probability of Infestation

These warning signs are indicative that you had an infestation at one time, but may not be a sign of a current infestation. 

  • Droppings. Mouse droppings are similar in shape to uncooked rice, but a little smaller in size. Mouse droppings can last years without changing, so it's hard to tell if mouse droppings are new or old. If you're seeing mouse droppings in the dark corners of your home, there's some possibility that this could be leftover from an older infestation--unless you're certain that the droppings are new. If you're unsure if the droppings are new, don't panic just yet. Lay out a few traps in the area and be watchful for other warning signs. 
  • Holes in the walls. Mice really can chew little holes through drywall. Mouse holes will be at the area where the floor meets the wall, and will be similar in size to a nickel or a quarter. Unless you're certain that the hole is new, this could also be a leftover from a previous infestation. Look for other warning signs of infestation in the area, and lay a couple traps in the immediate vicinity.

High Probability of Infestation

  • Visual confirmation. If you're seeing mice in your home, you have an infestation. Mice will usually be seen running along walls, behind doors and into dark spaces like the crack beneath the stove or refrigerator.
  • Scratching noises. Scratching noises are a good indication that you have an infestation in your home, but may not be indication of a mouse. Animals of all types make scratching noses, including rats and squirrels. Even large cockroaches can make a similar noise, if running over a plastic bag.
  • Mysterious holes in food containers. If you're starting to notice holes chewed through your cereal boxes and into your tea boxes, this is a pretty clear indication that mice have invaded your cabinets. 

If you've noticed any of the high-probability warning signs, contact a rodent control specialist to treat your problem. He or she will have specialized traps appropriate for your situation, and will know the best places to lay traps to catch your mice. The earlier you act, the better. 


30 December 2014

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