Seeing Bees In Your Yard? Here's When It's Best To Remove The Hive


If you notice more bees than usual in your yard, there's a good chance there's a new hive nearby. Bees are not necessarily dangerous, so you don't have to panic if you see a swarm of bees or a hive in one of your trees. You may be able to live with them peacefully and you may even enjoy watching them work. However, there are times when having bees around can be a bad thing. Here's when you should consider calling a bee removal specialist.

The Hive Is Close To Activity

Bees won't attack for no reason, so if your yard is quiet and you leave the bees alone, they probably won't bother you at all. However, if they think you're a danger to their hive, they may get agitated to the point they'll attack and sting. So if you have a dog that barks a lot or noisy kids that may throw things at the hive, it's better to have the hive removed.

Another thing to consider is the noise you make when mowing the lawn. If you have to mow near the tree where the hive is located, the noise may disturb the bees. If your family or pets will be in danger of being stung, you probably don't want a beehive in your yard. This is even more true if anyone in your family has a bee allergy.

The Bees Are In Your House

If the bees get inside the walls of your house, you definitely want to call a pest control company. There is a risk some bees will get all the way inside to your living space, and you don't want bees inside your home. However, the bigger problem is the damage bees do to your walls. The bees can destroy the walls to make more room for the hive. Then, when the hive starts producing honey, the honey can drip down the walls and leave stains.

Removing bees from your home is a tricky business. If the hive is very large and the bees are killed, you may have to live with a terrible odor as the hive decays. A better solution may be to cut out the hive, so the bees are removed alive. This is better for the bees too, since they can be relocated.

DIY Hive Removal

If you have a hive under your roof or on a low spot on a tree, you might be able to get rid of it yourself. First, you should figure out if the bees are swarming or if they have a hive established. A swarm of bees is on the move, looking for a place to build a hive. If you leave them alone, they will move on. If you have to remove a hive, you'll probably need to kill the bees if you do the job yourself. This involves spraying them with poison. An alternative option is to find a beekeeper willing to capture and remove the bees from your property.

Attempting to remove the hive yourself is probably not the best idea, especially if the hive is hidden and you have no idea how many bees are involved. If you attempt it, be sure to wear protective clothing. A better option is to call a pest control company, such as ASAP Bee Removal. An exterminator can kill off the bees if necessary. An exterminator that is skilled in beehive removal may be able to use smoke to sedate the bees, so the hive can be lifted out and placed in a wooded area away from human activity. The approach taken depends upon the location of the hive and its size.


5 January 2015

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