Keep Those Important Documents Safe: Learn About File Cabinets Locks


A filing cabinet is where many home or business owners keep their most important documents. A business may keep important and confidential client information filed away, and it must be kept safe. At home, a filing cabinet often secures tax documents, bank statements, insurance policies, or even expensive jewelry. For this reason, it is important that the filing cabinet you choose has a secure lock to protect whatever you decide to store for safekeeping. 

There are two common types of locks on filing cabinets. Some have keys and some are key-less, but still lock securely. Knowing the difference between the two can help you decide which is right for your home or business. 

Filing Cabinets With Keys

Filing cabinets that require keys to open the locks are some of the most common varieties. These locks have pin tumblers and can come with a variety of pin lengths on the inner side. Cam lock and tumbler lock are both commonly put on filing cabinets for security. 

  • Cam locks open and close using a key; some come with an added plunger lock. This means you only need the key for opening the filing cabinet. The cabinet locks or relocks with just a push of the cylinder. 
  • Tumbler locks require keys for locking and unlocking the cabinet. These locks have exposed horizontal pins. 

Filing Cabinets With Keyless Entry

You can choose from a wide variety of filing cabinets that use an electronic locking system. To use these, you use a code to unlock the cabinet, instead of a key. Some can also be unlocked using a remote radio transmitter device. The codes are assigned to a lock using a computer.

If you want keyless entry for multiple users, such as in an office setting, this can be done securely as well. For multiple users, each user is given his or her own password combinations used to gain access to the filing system. These locks comes with a keypad that can monitor and keep a record of the time and date that each user accessed the filing cabinet. This way you can easily determine who was the last person to access the cabinet is a security problem arises. 

For high levels of security, you can choose an electric-activated unlocking device powered by an electronic module, rotating camera, actuator, and a lifting pin. 

You can discuss your security needs with a locksmith. He or she can help you decide which type of locking file cabinet is best based on your needs. A professional locksmith can also install, replace, or open locks in an emergency if necessary. For more information, contact Suburban Lock or a similar company.


6 January 2015

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