What You Can Expect At An Independent Living Community

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When the upkeep and maintenance of a single-family home gets to be too much, many empty nesters consider an independent living community. Independent living communities offer a great way for senior citizens to stay active and socially connected.

Here's what you can expect to find at one of these complexes:

Single-family homes or apartments. Some complexes have only apartments, which may range from one to three bedrooms, with one or two baths. Other complexes have single family homes, which may be stand-alone or attached to one other unit. Some communities have both.

Different payment options. At some communities, you will purchase your residence. In other cases, you will place a "deposit" on the unit, which is roughly equivalent to the value of the unit. In either case, be sure you understand what happens when you vacate the residence. Some communities do not refund the deposit, while others refund a percentage. When you buy the residence, you or your heirs will receive the purchase price when the unit is resold.

You will also pay a monthly fee for the services these communities provide.

These services often include:

  • One or more meals per day
  • Recreational facilities such as a pool or golf course
  • Social activities and clubs
  • Utilities and maintenance on your unit and the general property
  • Transportation to doctor's appointments and local shopping areas
  • Housekeeping services, sometimes at extra cost

Try to find a community that offers the services that you want or think you will need in the future.

Some independent living communities also offer assisted living and skilled nursing care on the same campus. These are services that are offered at additional cost, and can be expensive. If you have long term care insurance or expect to be eligible for Medicare to pay these expenses, make sure the facilities you are considering accept these payment options.

Independent living communities usually have restrictions on the age of residents, and may require that residents be retired. Some communities welcome residents over age 55, while others limit themselves to those who are at least 62 or 65. While there are sometimes accommodations for guests in these communities, those who live in them must meet the requirements set forth by the community.

Many seniors select an independent living community with the expectation that it will be the last move they make. Selecting a facility with a wide variety of activities, services and medical offerings can help make this possible. For more information, contact Brooke View or a similar location.


7 January 2015

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