Is Now A Good Time To Refinance Your Mortgage?

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If you are in need of emergency cash or you simply want to lower your rate, refinancing your mortgage may be a great option for you. When you refinance your home, you are applying for a mortgage loan again. You will need to have your home appraised once more and your credit and background will be looked into just like when you got your first mortgage. There are a variety of reasons to refinance; for example:

Get a Lower Mortgage Rate

This is by far the most common reason homeowners decide to refinance their mortgage. If you want to lower the amount you pay each month for your mortgage, you may be able to when you refinance. This is often the case if you purchased your home when mortgage and interest rates were high, and those rates have since lowered. If you are approved, you will be paying less overall for your home since your mortgage has been adjusted.

Consolidate Your Debt

If you are currently struggling with a large amount of debt from medical bills, credit cards and loans, consolidating your debt might be a good reason to refinance. If you are able to refinance your home for more than what you owe, you will be able to get extra cash from the bank. Your monthly payments will be higher for your mortgage, but this allows you to have the money you need now for getting your debt taken care of.

Buy More Property

Do you want to buy a second property but don't have the collateral to do it? Refinancing your mortgage might be the solution. This is a great way to buy second property that you either rent out or move into and you can rent the house you are refinancing. However, be aware that there might by some mortgage underwriting and tax issues when you choose to refinance for buying other property. Talk with a real estate professional and your lender to discuss the stipulations regarding this.

Emergency Cash

Perhaps you don't need the extra cash for paying off debt, but you have other personal issues. If you have a close relative who has recently come into some major financial trouble, you can choose to refinance your own home to help them out. If you have lost your job and don't believe you will get another one for several months, having extra cash from refinancing can help you pay your bills until you get a paycheck.

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15 January 2015

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