3 Ways To Organize Your Storage Unit For Easy Access


When you rent a storage unit, one of the most important things you can do is organize it well so that all of your belongings are accessible. Even if you are just storing boxes, you need to be organized so you can get to everything without taking all of the boxes out.

Furniture First

One of the easiest ways to organize a unit is by putting the furniture in first. Try to stack furniture that can be stacked against one wall so that it is all on the same side. If you have a lot of flat furniture, such as small tables, then put these with the legs on the ground and the flat surfaces face up.

You can then stack boxes on top of the tables in neat rows, and this will conserve some space. You can also utilize the space under the legs by putting boxes under them. 

The other options is to keep all of the furniture on one side, and then you can just store the boxes on the other side. Just make sure that you can get into the unit to access furniture and boxes without having to take tons of items out. Otherwise, this will become a frustration and a hassle.

Colored Tape

Second, organize your boxes according to the rooms of your house that they belong in. This tip mostly applies if you are storing boxes before you need to move into a new house.

Use a different color of tape for each room so that you can separate and easily identify the goods in each box. To make your unit even more organized, keep all of the boxes with the same color of tape together, and then you will not mix them up at all. 

You can also use a permanent marker to write on the boxes so that you know what contents are inside, but the tape may be enough to at least give you a general idea of what is in the boxes if you do not have dozens coming from one room of your house.


Lastly, include some shelves in your storage unit to store fragile items. Even if they are in boxes, fragile items can get broken if they are put under heavy boxes. Put the shelves up higher so that you still have plenty of room to store the regular boxes and furniture first.

You can then make a shelf that sits along the top of the unit, and it will keep your fragile items separated.

By doing these 3 things, your storage unit will be better organized and will be easier to access if you need to pull anything out.

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16 January 2015

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