Best Retirement Community Trends For The Unconventional Senior

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Choosing where to live once you retire is a huge decision that many people spend years of their lives preparing for. Luckily for individuals ready to retire, there are now more unique retirement communities than ever before. From upscale New York living to laid back Florida sunbathing, there is a senior living community for any need and any budget. Below are a few unique retirement community trends that would be perfect for an unconventional retirement.

Artistic Communities

From painting fanatics to Shakespeare enthusiasts, there are new retirement communities to satisfy any artistic desire. These senior living facilities offer many unique benefits like art classes, community theaters, music lessons, and choirs. Many are located in prominent cities known for their already established artistic communities like Los Angeles, Burbank, and Santa Fe.

Outdoorsy Living

If you are more inclined to wide skies than cultural hustle and bustle, then a green living or RV community may be right for you. Located throughout the country, nature themed senior living communities are a popular new phenomenon. Adventurous seniors can retire to RV communities where they can make friends with other travel enthusiasts while also retaining the independence and mobility that retirement offers. Seniors who are looking for a more rooted living situation can choose between more classic retirement facilities in a rural setting, or choose a hippie community, a growing trend in green and holistic living.

Continued Learning Facilities

For some seniors retirement is a chance to continue their education. Learning new things, especially as a senior, has been shown to reduce memory loss and strengthen cognitive ability, as well as help individuals struggling with depression. With benefits like these, there is no mystery as to why more and more elderly are choosing lifelong-learning communities. The number of education-centered communities has grown over the last 15 years to nearly 50 all across America. Most of these living centers are located in college towns with schools that offer special rates for seniors, but there are some that have built-in education facilities that cater solely to their senior clientele.

If you are getting ready to retire there are many online resources to turn to in order to find the right community for you. Once you know your desired destination or the amenities you prefer, contact a real estate agent to help you find the perfect retirement living community that will allow you to experience the golden years of your dreams.


30 January 2015

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