Using Self-Storage For Your Sale Items


If you enjoy going to flea markets and yard sales to find bargains that you will resell for a profit, you may want to have an area to store the finds instead of having them pile up around your home. Renting a self storage unit will give you a spot to keep your treasures away from your own belongings, making it easier for you to sort and organize them for resale.

Here are some tips you can use when storing your items so that they will be easily found when you need them:

Store Like Items Together

If you are collecting several different types of items, you will want to do your best to sort them in a way where like items are grouped together when you put them into storage. This will help you when you decide you want to get them ready for sale. Place small items in plastic storage bins and make sure to label the container so you will be able to find the items when needed.

Make A Map

One way to help find things when they are needed is to make a diagram of where you place things inside your unit. You can color-code items or label them on the packaging they are enclosed inside. Make a list on a piece of paper of every container you have inside your storage unit so you will be able to locate an item when it has been sold.

Take Photos

You may want to take a photograph of each item before you place it in storage in case you want to try to sell it while it is being stored. Make sure to match each photograph with a label that corresponds to the correct item that you have in storage. You will then be able to match up the numbers when the item has sold, making it easy to sell online while the item is being kept safe.

Keep Breakables Separate

If you have delicate items you will be selling, you will want to make sure you use bubble wrap or cloth cushioning around them when you place them into storage. Put these items in a separate area of the storage unit so you will know to be extra careful when looking in that spot. You may want to place the items inside of drawers, cabinets or on top of tables so they are kept out of the way of other items.


6 February 2015

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