Opening A Business? Finding The Right Commercial Property Is Key

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So you've decided it's time to open a business and you need to find the perfect commercial property; where do you start? There are a few important things to remember as you create your business plan and your budget, and start looking for a property. The location of your business could greatly influence how successful you are.

Terms and Pricing

Don't go over your budget, it's a bad way to start out your new business. Make sure you know how much you will owe each month, and what the penalty will be if you miss a payment. You also want to know how long the lease is for, and if you will have an option to renew. You don't want to rent the spot for a year, and find out that they are leasing to someone else, without letting you choose to continue or not. Part of establishing a successful business is letting customers know where you are, and having them get familiar with your location.

Employee and Customer Parking

Do the customers have to find parking on the street to get to your store, and is this difficult during peak business hours? Is it hard for your employees to get from the designated parking area to the building? These are things you want to take into consideration when you are picking out a location, because you want to make sure that there is ample parking, even if it's a parking garage, for all of your clients or customers to come in.

Surrounding Businesses

Look at the businesses around the property. Are the businesses busy, and have customers coming in and out that would be interested in what you sell? If so, that may be a great location for your business. If you have a high end clothing store, you most likely don't want to be next to a doggy daycare, but instead next to a hair salon. Finding the ideal location includes checking out the scenery around you.

You may have to look at a dozen properties before you find the best location for your business and before you find something within your budget. If you are ready to find the ideal commercial property, talk with a real estate agent that specializes in commercial properties, such as Goodnow Real Estate Services. This expert is going to help you find the location where you can be found by all of your potential customers, at a cost you can afford.


5 March 2015

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