Home Selling 101: Four Tips To Help You Prepare For A Home Inspection

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If you are thinking about selling your home, it is important that you prepare for the home inspection. Although not all areas require a home inspection, many do—and the results of it can affect the value of your home. Even if you think your home is in good condition, it can be worthwhile to go above and beyond to please the inspector.

So how can you prepare your home for an inspection? By following these four tips:

1. Cut the Clutter

A cluttered home will likely appear smaller, dirtier, and in worse condition than it really is. Even if you have already started packing, make sure you take the extra time to remove excess clutter in your home. Remove cleaning supplies from under your sinks. Move items that block entryways, electrical outlets, and appliances.

Other ways that you can cut the clutter include packing more, discarding unused items, and organizing. No matter how you approach it, one thing is certain: you need to remove as much of the clutter as possible.

2. Fix Whatever Is Broken

Even minor items that are broken can lower the value of your home. If you want to ensure your home is rated as highly as possible, fix whatever is broken. If you cannot afford to fix large items, address as many of the smaller things as you can.

For example, replace outdated or broken handles, faucets, and knobs. Patch any holes in the walls. Replace missing carpets. Buff and polish your hardwood flooring. Steps like these will help make your home look better.

3. Clean Your Home

It may sound like a no-brainer, but many homeowners forget to clean their home before the inspection. Although your cleanliness shouldn't matter, it can; and a clean home is easier to assess because the inspector can see everything clearly. You might also want to clean up your lawn, driveway, and garage. It may be time-consuming, but it will be worth it in the end.

4. Provide Complete Access

An inspector will need to have complete access to your home. If you forget to unlock a door or move a heavy item that is blocking a crucial area of your home, you may have to reschedule, which can be troublesome and time-consuming.

Make sure you unlock everything on your property before the inspector arrives. Unlock garage doors and sheds. Additionally, make sure that nothing is blocking your attic or basement entrances—or any other doorway in your home.

You may not like having your home inspected, but it is part of the selling process. Make it easier on you—and everyone else involved—by using these four preparation tips. It will save you time and frustration—and it may even gain you money. Visit a site like http://www.homeinspectionassoc-ma.com for more information about planning a building inspection.


16 April 2015

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