3 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Small Kitchen


Small kitchens are frustrating. They make it difficult to move around in order to make the food that your family needs because it feels like all of the items that you need in a kitchen, such as the measuring cups, large appliances, table sets, and cooking pots, are all pressing down on you. There's no room to store anything. Here are three ways to regain your sanity and make the most out of your small kitchen.

1. Utilize Your Wall Space for Hanging Pots

One way that you can get your kitchen to feel like a more functional place is to improve the storage of your pots and skillets. Many people just find a cabinet where they can stack these items and, when they need an item that is at the bottom of the pile, they remove everything and then put it all back piece by piece. This can feel impossible in a small kitchen because you are making a cluttered place even more full of objects. One way to remove this source of frustration is to put the pots on the wall where they can be removed at any time.

To do this, hire a contractor to install a long towel rack on your wall. This rack should span the length of the wall that has the most unused space and should be installed so that it is parallel with the floor. Next, go to a hardware store and purchase s-hooks, which are metal hooks that have two curves in them so that they look like the letter "S." Then, simply take your skillets and other pans and put an s-hook in the hole at the end of their handle. Put the other side of the s-hook on the towel rack and your pans are out of your way.

2. Use the Inside of Your Cabinet Doors

There are always tiny items that you need when you are cooking. Go to an office supply store and purchase a pencil holder that would normally be used inside of a middle schooler's locker, with a flat side that allows it to be easily mounted to the door.

Next, glue this pencil holder to the inside of one of your less stuffed cabinet doors. Store small items in here, such as teaspoons and tablespoons, cinnamon sticks in a plastic bag, or some other herb.

3. Make Your Fridge Store Spices

Take some magnets and attach them to the bottom of each of your spice containers. Then, mount these spice containers to a metal surface, such as a refrigerator. This will allow you to free up the space your normally used to store spices.

For more information, talk to an interior design specialist.


28 July 2015

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