Three Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Cape Cod-Style Home

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Cape Cod style homes typically have a full first floor, plus a second floor that is built into what would otherwise be attic space. This second floor tends to have low, slanted ceilings. Cape Cod homes can be cozy and attractive homes for singles, couples and small families. However, you should consider more than aesthetics before you buy one of these homes. Here are three things to know about Cape Cod homes.

The upper floor tends not to cool well.

Many people buy Cape Cod homes during the warmer months, and then when summer hits, they're shocked at how stifling hot the upstairs becomes. Air tends to get trapped in the corners of the upstairs rooms, thanks to their irregular shape, making these homes hard to cool evenly with central air conditioning. Also, since the roof is so close to the upstairs floor, heat travels right into the home when the sun is beating down. You may want to consider getting a window unit or two for the upstairs to help keep it cool –and expect higher cooling bills than you'd have with a similarly sized ranch or other style of home.

You may have a hard time fitting your furniture in upstairs.

Sometimes, new homeowners move into their Cape Cod homes with all of the furniture they think they need – only to find that a lot of pieces don't fit well in their upstairs bedrooms. The short walls found in many Cape Cod homes are not a good match for tall dressers and cabinets. You'll need to invest in some shorter dressers and chest-style furniture if you want to place furniture along these walls.

The insulation may not be up to par.

When Cape Cod homes were popular during the 1950s, there was not as much emphasis on energy efficiency and great insulation. Thus, a lot of these homes are not as well insulated as modern homes. You can modify this by having blown-in or spray foam insulation added to the walls, and by adding additional insulation to the attic. However, it's important to have your realtor or home inspector look into how well insulated a home is before you buy, so you can plan for the additional cost of insulation, if needed.

If you have found a great Cape Cod home that you love, don't let the factors above change your mind about the purchase. You can easily take steps to cool the upstairs, find furniture that fits, and improve the insulation. However, knowing these steps must be taken up-front is better than being surprised about these challenges during your first few months of homeownership.

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15 September 2015

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