Home Selling 101: The Five Steps Of Selling A Home

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Selling a home is a common transaction that many people undergo in their lifetime. If you are thinking about selling your house, you are probably wondering what the process is like. Although the process can take some time, it usually consists of five main steps.

Here are the five steps of selling a home:

1. Determining Price

The first step to selling your home is determining its price. You can do this by searching out homes in your area and their selling price. You should also look at homes similar to yours and the price they sold at. Be sure to look at homes both in and outside of your neighborhood, as this will help give you a more accurate overall selling price.

2. Preparation

Before putting up the "for sale" sign, make sure you do some prep work. Ideally, you should clean your home thoroughly. You might also want to put a few coats of fresh paint down, organize, and stage the home. All of these things will help your home appear fresher, cleaner, and bigger—and this will help you sell it.

3. Marketing and Showing

Once your home is ready for viewing, you should begin marketing and showing it. You can use online services, local ads, or even fliers around town to market your home. You could also enlist the help of a full service real estate agent, if you don't want to do all the leg work. While marketing your home, be sure to host a few open houses so that people can see your home. When showing your home, make sure it is staged well so that prospective buyers can envision themselves in it.

4. Landing a Sale

Once an offer has been made on your home, you will then begin the legal process of selling your home. This involves paperwork. Your home will also probably be inspected to look for any flaws in the home. After this, you will likely enter negotiations on the price. Finally, once an offer is accepted, the funds will be escrowed and closing costs will begin.

While all of this can be done yourself, many people opt to hire an agent or broker at some point. If you decide you would rather not deal with any of the mess, such as staging or paperwork, a full service real estate agent can help you. These professionals can handle every step of the process to ensure your home sells fast and for the best price possible. Contact a company like R & E Investments for more information about selling your house.


29 October 2015

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