Features To Look For In A Forever Home

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A forever home is meant to get you through the final years of raising your children and well into retirement, which means you can raise a family and then later age in place without having to move. There are certain key features to look for when looking at homes for sale to ensure your new home will age gracefully along with you.

Feature #1: Wide doors and no entrance steps

Whether you are at the stage of pushing a stroller or pushing a walker, steps can be a major problem. At least one main entrance to the home should not have steps, whether it's the front door or the garage entrance. Wider doors are also beneficial, since this will allow entrance later when you may be using a wheelchair or powerchair to get in and out of your home. Otherwise, you will have to have the doorways widened later.

Feature #2: Single story living options

A single story ranch house is often preferred, especially if you have young children that could fall down stairs or when you are older and stairs become difficult or impossible to use. If a ranch house isn't possible, at least choose a home that will eventually allow for single floor living. This means the main needs are on the first floor – kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and laundry.

Feature #3: An open floor plan

An open floor plan not only makes a home look bigger, it also increases safety and mobility. An open floor plan allows you to supervise children in the living room while you are in the kitchen, for example. As you age, it makes it easier to move around because there are less corners and obstacles to manever around.

Feature #4: Spacious bathrooms

While an exceptionally large bathroom isn't necessary, it is helpful to have one large enough so you can easily help your children bathe when they are younger. Then, as you age the extra space will give you room to maneuver with mobility aids, such as walkers or wheelchairs, if necessary. An added bonus is if the bathroom has low mirrors, or safety handles in the shower or near the toilet. A wall mounted sink is also useful, since it allows a child to pull up a stool or for an older adult to use a wheelchair at the sink.

Safety and ease of use should be at the forefront of your mind when looking for a home that you can raise a family and grow old in. Talk to a real estate agent to begin looking at homes for sale in your area.



10 May 2016

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