Four Things You Should Try To Avoid Doing At An Open House

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If you are located in a competitive housing market, you might not have the luxury of having many viable properties to pick from. As a house hunter, one thing that can help set you apart from the pack is your behavior at open houses. Here are four things you should try to avoid during open houses.

1. Don't Talk Badly About Properties

While you might see quite a few homes on your search that don't quite fit your needs, never talk badly about a home during the open house. You never know who might be present, and if an owner or neighbor hears you discussing extensive renovations or changes needed to decor, your offer might be rejected.  As a general rule, be polite to everyone viewing a home and thank the real estate agent on your way out.

2. Don't Use the Bathroom Without Asking

While open houses are set up to make guests feel at ease, this isn't a dinner party and you weren't expressly invited. You shouldn't use the bathroom without permission. Other potential home buyers want to see all parts of a home, and agents expect all spaces to be open at all times. Even bathrooms are staged and a real estate agent may recommend another bathroom to use in a less visible part of the home.

3. Don't Sit on Furnishings

If your spouse is taking forever in an open house, go outside or wait in the car. You shouldn't make yourself at home and sit on couches or beds while viewing a home. Some staging props might not even be real, such as blow up mattresses. These furnishings are often reused and aren't really mean for comfort. Staging is primarily to set a scene so that potential homeowners can get an idea of how a space might look with their own furnishings.

4. Don't Forget to Tread Lightly

You might want a good feel for square footage with your tape measure or want to pull up the rug to see a hardwood floor, but an open house isn't the place for invasive tactics. If you really want to come back and get a good look at the bones of a house, set up a private viewing with your real estate agent. An open house is a way for potential buyers to get a feel for a home, and more personalized needs can be met later on.

Real estate agents and even owners might be sizing you up without your knowledge at open houses. Be on your best behavior to ensure that you don't do anything that could offend an agent, owner, or other individual affiliated with a home for sale.


27 May 2016

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