Need To Fill Vacancies? 3 Tips To Help Fill Your Units Quickly

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If you are dealing with vacancies in a commercial property, you are no doubt aware that this means lost revenue. It is very important to market these vacancies in a way that will have them occupied as quickly as possible. There are a variety of ways to market the property in order to get the empty units occupied. The following may be some ideas that you have not yet considered:

Advertise On Social Media

Social media is becoming the primary way people are getting news and updates on just about any topic. If you do not already have accounts for your property, start one today. You can then advertise your listings on social media. They will eventually be shared amongst people in your area looking for a place to rent. If you have a website, be sure to link it to all of your social media channels as well. In addition, be sure to be active on the social media accounts. People will likely have questions about the units. If you are not there to answer them, they will move on to a different property.

Post Notices At Large Companies

If you live in a large area with many big companies, visit the human resources departments of some of them to ask to post your vacancies. There are likely new employees transferring to your area on a regular basis that will need housing. Human resources departments often keep a file on available housing options for their employees, so this could be an ideal way to keep your units occupied.

Become A Master At Networking

If you really want to be a leader in property rentals in your area, become very comfortable with networking. Networking in your community can help solidify your reputation as a great option when people need housing. Join different community organizations along with other business leaders in your area so that you can possibly utilize their resources after a good networking relationship has been established. If you become acquainted with a business owner who can help you with print advertising to attract new tenants, for instance, you can both work out a deal in which your services can benefit each other. He or she can help you develop a good marketing plan. In return, you could offer them some space in your facility for meetings, parties, or a discounted unit to house visitors to their company.

Incorporating some of these tips is a great way to get new tenants into your property as quickly as possible. Above all, try to maintain a fair and reputable demeanor so that tenants and networkers will always want to work with you. For more help, consider contacting a realtor to attract tenants to your property.


27 May 2016

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