Three Reasons You Should Buy The Vacant Lot Next To Yours In A Housing Development

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When you are buying a home in a brand new development, there are a lot of perks that come along with the purchase. Often with a new community, the builder will allow you to select some of your own finishes. You also have the option of being the very first person to live inside of the unit, meaning that you get to customize it to your needs without fixing any issues from previous homeowners. When you start looking at new development homes for sale, you may also run into homes that have undeveloped lots next to them. Here are three reasons you want to try to pick up that parcel of land. 

Opportunity for expansion

If you purchase a home in a city where land is at a premium, you may have a beautiful home, but a small lot. Purchasing an undeveloped parcel of land can help you in the event that you ever need to expand. While expansions may not be allowed on your property if it will intrude upon your neighbor's lot, it is much easier to develop when there is no neighbor to worry about. This is also a good reason to seek out the lot that sits behind yours, so that you can expand your deck and backyard area. 

May be developed for your family

If the time is coming when you may have to take care of your parents, having a parcel of land next to your land gets rid of the need to look for space in your city. When the time comes, your parents can put a home on this land or you can get started building a brand new home for them. Having family next door gives you separate living quarters, but the closeness that you, your children, and the previous generation may desire. 

Make sure the home doesn't block your home

If the lot next to you is vacant, it is always possible that at some point, a person can purchase the land then build a home on it. There is always a possibility that the new land owner can put up a home that is three stories and towers over your home, blocking all natural sunlight. If you purchase the lot and develop it yourself, you can make sure that the neighborhood remains cohesive as far as home look and home enjoyment goes. Securing the adjoining lot can secure your home satisfaction. 


27 May 2016

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