Make Sure You Are Using Your Extinguisher The Right Way

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It's one thing to have fire safety equipment in your home, but it's something entirely different to know how to use it properly. This statement is critically true when it comes to an extinguisher. In the event of a fire, an extinguisher can play an important role regarding your safety so make sure you are prepared to use it correctly.  

Standing Too Close

Some people believe the best course of action is to get the extinguisher as close to the fire as possible in order to put it out quickly, particularly when it's a smaller fire. While it makes sense from a logical standpoint, this isn't the best way to use this safety aid. As a general rule of thumb, if you can feel the heat from the blaze, you are standing too close.

Not only does this put your safety at an increased risk, this also lowers the coverage area that the extinguisher is able to reach. Always look at your unit to see its range area so that you know how far away you can stand.

Using The Wrong Extinguisher

Extinguishers might all look the same on the outside, but their contents vary. Make sure you have the right extinguisher for your home's needs. Consider a Class A and Class F extinguisher, for instance. A Class A unit is designed to put out fires caused by plastic, woods and paper and the Class F unit is designed for you average kitchen fire caused by fat and oils.

If you try to use a Class A extinguisher for a kitchen fire, your efforts might not be effective. Make sure you have the right option for your needs.

Fighting Fire Alone

It's never a good idea to run immediately to the fire extinguisher to fight a blaze. At the first sign of a fire, have someone else in the home call the local authorities, immediately. In the meantime, you can then use the extinguisher to try to fight the fire. The unfortunate reality is that extinguishers can't fight every fire.

If you wait to call the authorities and the fire spreads, the situation will only increase in magnitude. Always call the fire department so that they are en route while you are using the extinguisher.

Don't wait until you are presented with an emergency to realize that you don't know how to use your extinguisher correctly. Make sure you understand how to use your extinguisher. Contact a supplier, like Universal Fire Equipment, for more help.


4 July 2016

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