Important Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Rental Property

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Are you the owner of an apartment complex or other rental property? Have your previous tenants moved out and left things in a less than ideal condition? Getting a property ready for the next tenants can seem like a frustrating experience. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be. Here are some quick and easy tips to help you get the most out of your rental property:

Rent a dumpster: Whether you have a single small apartment or a large house to get ready, you'll probably have a lot that needs to be thrown away. Besides any belongings left behind by the previous tenants, things like old carpets will need to be disposed of, and the installers for the new carpet may not have any policy to take away the old one. If you're doing external property clean up, you may wind up with a lot more plant trimmings, grass clippings, and miscellaneous trash than you would have thought. Having a fresh dumpster on the property will help keep you from needing to make a run to the dump or hiring somebody else to go to the dump for you.

Do some minor landscaping: As part of your property clean up, consider planting a few flowers or bushes around the property. If there are any damaged or diseased plants or bushes, have them removed at the same time. Even if you don't find tenants who are consciously aware of the landscaping choices that you've made, spending a few dollars on flowers and bushes will give your property a more well-tended appearance. This is more likely to attract people who care enough about the property to avoid damage or willful neglect of your house or apartment. Although it varies from area to area, a well-tended rental can often command significantly higher rent than a property that is simply okay.

Give everything a fresh coat of paint: Similar to flowers outside, paint inside is a good way to proceed with a property clean up. Save money by purchasing just one or two colors of paint in large 5-gallon buckets. While you certainly don't want to be deceptive in regards to your rental, a fresh coat of paint can help prospective tenants overlook the fact that your kitchen isn't full of the latest and greatest stainless steel appliances or that the laundry area is a little more cramped than they had hoped. A fresh coat of paint will give both your tenants and the rental property a fresh start. 


20 July 2016

Apartment Frightmares: How You Can Live Happy Again

Apartment living can be a trial sometimes. Even the best apartment complexes can have problems, such as noisy neighbors. I experienced this firsthand with my newest neighbors. Between their partying and trashy existence, I was ready to go crazy. Late one night when they were being particularly noisy, I started researching my rights as a tenant. I found out I did not have to live with their inconsiderate behavior. As a public service, I decided to help others through this blog with their neighbor problems. Whether you are dealing with a landlord that will not do any repairs or bad neighbors, I can help.