Selling Your House: How To Fix Your Yard Problems

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When you have a beautiful house, you expect to be able to sell it quickly. Sometimes, buyer after buyer comes through, seems to love your home, but passes on the sale. If the price is right, the real problem could be your yard. A number of landscaping issues could be scaring off your prospective owners. Fortunately, you can fix these issues without spending too much money. 

Small Yard

A small backyard can turn off many buyers. Although you can't make your yard larger, you can make it look bigger by employing smart landscaping strategies. Experts recommend that you make the entry into your home bright and colorful. By emphasizing the area near the door, the rest of the yard becomes less important. In fact, it seems to "recede." You can use both bright, warm-colored paint or flowers to achieve this effect. You can also create different levels to make the yard seem larger than it is. You can slightly raise or sink your patio or add  planters of various heights. This tactic breaks up the yard so that others don't realize how small the area actually is. 

Poor Maintenance

You do not have to re-landscape your yard, but you do need to replace old mulch, trim low-hanging branches, and clip your bushes and/or hedges. Keeping the lawn mowed is an obvious must, but you also need to reseed areas where grass has ceased to grow. All of these steps require little money but a day or two of hard labor. If you aren't a fan of yard work, simply hire someone to tidy up for you. A little money in this area can make the difference in a home sale. 

Potted Plants

If your yard needs a super quick fix, you can invest in some potted plants to arrange outside your home. For at least three seasons in the year, a quick trip to a plant nursery or even discount store can provide you with a colorful variety of plants that you can hang on your porch, arrange in your flower beds, and place on your patio. In a pinch, this simple step can help rescue a potential sale. 

Most homeowners take care of the interior of their for-sale home first. Of course, your home needs to be picture perfect, but you can't afford to neglect the yard. You do not have to dazzle anyone, but your yard should be neat and colorful. A little effort outside can help propel you toward a successful closing. Talk to your real estate agent for more tips.


5 August 2016

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