Keeping Apartment Noise Down

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No one likes a noisy neighbor, but what happens when you find out that you are considered the loud one? You have children and pets, plus you love music. Do you have to muffle everyone and everything to keep your neighbors from reporting you to the management company or worse, to the police? Of course, the answer is no. You can still live a free and happy life while taking steps to turn down the volume.


Your and your family are going to make some noise, so you should not try and be silent. However, if you live above other tenants, thin flooring can make your footsteps pound and echo, driving even the calmest neighbor to cry foul. If you have carpeting, consider investing in sound-deadening carpet underlays, sold online or in some home improvement stores. This substance should help deaden the sound of footsteps as well as your music and television. For hardwood floors, you may need to invest in thick area rugs. If you are considering moving into a new apartment, remember that high-end options are going to have thicker floors and walls, so disturbing the neighbors will be less of an issue.


If your neighbor complains about noise from your television or sound system even with the new flooring, you can set boundaries for both families to follow. After all, you should have a peaceful existence as well. You can agree to no electronics after 10pm and before 8am. If your kids have a bad habit of yelling and running, you can promise to correct the behavior. In return, you should expect the same consideration from them. Remember that apartment tenants have to expect some noise, especially if they live in the city.


If you cannot come to an agreement with your neighbor, and their complaints continue, it may be time to confer with the landlord or management company. You cannot be afraid to make some noise and still be able to comfortably live your life. Although these are the kind of disputes that landlords hate, mediating them is simply part of their job. Go to the meeting calmly and armed with facts. If this step does not work, then you can hope the neighbor moves.

Successfully living in an apartment requires that you treat everyone with respect. All tenants should expect to make certain accommodations. After all, if your neighbor has a new baby, they can't keep the child from crying. If you have a neighbor who makes unfair demands, address them in a reasonable manner. If that doesn't work, bring in management. For more information, contact companies like St. Louis Luxury.


24 August 2016

Apartment Frightmares: How You Can Live Happy Again

Apartment living can be a trial sometimes. Even the best apartment complexes can have problems, such as noisy neighbors. I experienced this firsthand with my newest neighbors. Between their partying and trashy existence, I was ready to go crazy. Late one night when they were being particularly noisy, I started researching my rights as a tenant. I found out I did not have to live with their inconsiderate behavior. As a public service, I decided to help others through this blog with their neighbor problems. Whether you are dealing with a landlord that will not do any repairs or bad neighbors, I can help.