3 Things To Analyze When Choosing A Lot For Your New Home

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If you are planning on building a new home and are looking for a lot to buy for this purpose, you may want to spend some time looking for the right piece of land. You should choose a location you like in an area that is nice, but you should also consider the following three factors as you look at lots for sale.


The location and looks of a lot are important, but choosing a lot with the right dimensions is also an important factor to consider. Some lots you look at might be really big, and therefore you wouldn't have to examine the dimensions as much; however, some lots are smaller. If you are looking at lots in a subdivision, carefully analyze the dimensions, especially if you have already selected the house you want to build, to make sure your home selection will fit well on the property.


Elevation of a lot is also an important factor you might not even think about looking at, but you should, especially if you want to put a basement in your new home. The elevation refers to how high the ground is above the water table. If you build a house on a lot with low elevation, you may have to haul in dozens of trucks of sand in order to build the lot up high enough. Failing to do this could lead to flooding in your home because the basement will be built below the water table.

Soil Type

The third thing to look into is the soil type on the lot because the soil type can affect several things. First of all, certain types of soils are easier to work with than others. For example, if your lot contains clay, it will be harder to work with, and this might result in extra fees for building the house. Rocky soil that is difficult to dig through will have similar effects.

In addition, the soil type also dictates drainage of the yard. Clay does not drain as well as other soil types, which means you may need to spend extra money on a drainage system if you purchase a lot that is made up primarily of clay.

These are just a few factors you might not think of when you are buying a lot, but there are others too. If you have any questions or are interested in viewing lots for sale, contact a real estate agent. 


8 September 2016

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