3 Questions To Ask Potential Real Estate Agents During Your Consultations

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Now that you've decided to put your home on the market finding a real estate agent to work with is an essential next step. Here are a few questions to ask during your consultations with potential service providers that should help you decide which one will meet your needs the best:

What Services Have Additional Fees Associated With Them? 

One of the most important things to consider when consulting with potential real estate agents is additional fees because they can make a big impact on the overall costs of your home sale. Bring along a list of services you expect you'll need such as:

  • Appraisals
  • Coordination with your legal team
  • Open-house hosting
  •  Home tours

You can use your list to find out which agents will be able to meet all of your needs and to determine how much extra, if anything, will be charged for each service you're looking to take advantage of. You can then use the list at home afterward to compare each service provider side-by-side when deciding who you want to ultimately work with.

How is Ongoing Advertising Handled?

Almost all real estate agents include advertising as part of their services, but they all don't execute the same promotional campaigns as one another. Because of this, it's essential to have each potential agent you speak with to provide you with a checklist of advertising services that will be used once your home goes on the market. Make sure that the agent you decide to work with implements a variety of advertising tactics including:

  • Newspaper ads
  • Social media posts
  • Blog publications
  • Word-of-mouth campaigns
  • Promotional item giveaways

In addition to learning about the basic advertising avenues that will be used by each potential real estate agent, it's a good idea to find out a bit about how those avenues will be used. For example, if social media will be used you should know what kind of account will do the marketing, how often promotions for your home will be posted, and how you can keep up with the results of those efforts.

Who Will Be Working With Your Agent?

The chances are that your agent doesn't work alone all of the time, especially when they have a full calendar. If any potential agents you speak with plan to work with assistants or other agents throughout the process of selling your home, find out who they are and what kind of experience they have. You should also learn whether or not they're licensed and insured too. Although you don't have to meet your agent's team in person, it is important to know a little something about their qualifications.

Add these questions to a list of your own, so they aren't overlooked during the consultation meetings you schedule with potential real estate agents. 


7 October 2016

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