What To Teach Your Child To Do When They Get Locked Out Of The House


One of the scenarios you need to be prepared for as a parent is the inevitable situation where your child will get locked out of the house and there are no adults around to let them in. Your child may have a key to get in, but it can get lost or misplaced or even left in the house, leaving your young one without a way to get inside when they get home from school or a friend's house. Just in case this scenario happens to you, here are things you should teach your child in case they do get locked out sometime.

Have them go to a safe location 

Your child should be taught to go to a designated safe location should they get locked out, whether it's the swing set in the backyard or the neighbor's house. A child left on their own doorstep can become a target for would-be thieves or assailants, so make sure your child knows that, if they get locked out, they are to immediately go to a safe location of your mutual choosing.

Make sure they have your number

Your cell phone and work phone numbers should be programmed into your child's cell phone so they can immediately reach you or your spouse should they get locked out of the home. They should also have the number of a nearby relative or trusted family friend in case they cannot reach you. Once they let you know they have been locked out, let them know how quickly you will be able to get to them, or let them know that you are calling a relative/friend to pick them up.

Alert them to the locksmith

If you are calling a locksmith, let them know that you have a child locked out of the house and tell your child what the locksmith will be wearing and what their service vehicle looks like so they are prepared. When the locksmith arrives to your home, have them call you prior to beginning entry services. If your child is more comfortable at a friend's house while the locksmith works on letting you inside, make sure you know just where your child is by staying in communication the entire duration the locksmith is around.

You want to make sure your child is ready with safe responses to being locked out of the house just in case it happens to them. Have your child role-play a scenario in which you aren't home and they can't get inside so you can be sure they know just what to do. Contact a company like Southern California Security Centers for more safety tips.



7 October 2016

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