Advantages Of Buying An End-Unit Towntome

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If you're looking to buy a townhome, it can be a good idea to stipulate to your real estate agent that you'd prefer a unit on the end of the building. Whether the townhome is made up of three units, four units, or even more, securing a spot on either end of the building can be advantageous. Knowing that you've narrowed your search in this manner, your agent will be able to find suitable properties and arrange some showings for you. In many cases, the advantages to end-unit townhomes will be highly apparent during these visits. Here are some advantages that you'll appreciate.

They're Quieter

You'll often find that a townhome unit on one end of the building is quieter than those in the middle. With an end unit, you only share one wall with a neighbor, rather than two. This cuts your chance of having a noisy neighbor in half, which can be desirable for many people. Although modern townhomes tend to provide a high degree of noise buffering, you may occasionally hear your neighbors if they slam doors, bang the walls, and have a TV and speakers mounted to the wall that faces your unit. With an end unit, you'll enjoy a higher degree of quiet.

The Yard Is More Accessible

Although townhomes can be built in a variety of fashions, it's common for the end units to have side yards. While the middle units will customarily have a backyard, this area is more accessible to the owners in the end units. For example, unless a middle unit's fenced yard has a gate at the rear — which isn't always the case — taking large items between the front and backyards can be difficult. For example, if you keep your lawnmower in the garage at the front, you'll need to push it through the house to reach the backyard. If your end unit has a side yard, moving the mower will be much simpler.

They Often Have More Light

The units on the end of a townhome will often have more windows than the middle units. Middle units can only have windows on the front and back of the building, given that the two side walls are shared with neighbors. When you're in an end unit, you may have windows on the upper and lower floors of the end wall. This can make your home brighter and more cheery, as well as make the space feel larger.


21 December 2016

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Apartment living can be a trial sometimes. Even the best apartment complexes can have problems, such as noisy neighbors. I experienced this firsthand with my newest neighbors. Between their partying and trashy existence, I was ready to go crazy. Late one night when they were being particularly noisy, I started researching my rights as a tenant. I found out I did not have to live with their inconsiderate behavior. As a public service, I decided to help others through this blog with their neighbor problems. Whether you are dealing with a landlord that will not do any repairs or bad neighbors, I can help.