3 Simple Rules to Making Your Old Home Look Buttoned Up and Beautiful for Real-Estate Photos

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That old home of yours is well past its prime, and for that very reason, you are on to bigger and better things in regard to your family's living surroundings. However, moving on also means listing that old house for sale and trying to find a buyer. In real estate, a picture is definitely worth a thousand words. And when it comes to selling an old house, those snapshots you include with the real-estate listing can speak volumes to a prospective buyer. You just have to make sure that all those words spoken by those pictures of your old house are sending out the best messages. Here are a few simple rules you need to know before taking pictures of your old house for a real-estate ad. 

Capture the home's charming vintage features first. 

An old stained-glass window above the front door, vintage hardwood flooring, bay windows with seats, antique window shutters—all of these are examples of things people looking for an older home will enjoy seeing in a real-estate listing. Therefore, make sure you get the best pictures of these features and give the real-estate agent specific instructions to list some of these pictures first in the album so they get enough attention. 

Ensure you take photos that are good quality and have good lighting. 

There is a certain market for older houses among the general public, and the buyers for these houses can come from far and wide when they find a gem they are interested in making their own. For this reason, using good-quality, well-lit pictures in the real-estate listing will be a major marketing strategy. A lot of buyers will be shopping online for a vintage home because these homes are not so easy to find. They will examine the pictures provided, often with a discerning eye, before they ever take any extra effort to come and see your home. 

Take photos of modern updates and upgrades you have made to your old house. 

Old homes may hold a lot of charm and value to some buyers, but a lot of these old homes are also riddled with problems simply because the fixtures inside are outdated. Buyers will always want to see any modern upgrades and changes you have made to the older house. Make sure you get photos of things like a brand-new HVAC unit, updated windows, newly installed porches or patios, and any other modern changes you have installed. 

Talk to a real-estate agent for more tips.


4 January 2017

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