4 Benefits Of Renting A Townhome

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When you're a renter, you have a few options, such as a renting a single-family home or an apartment. But if you want the best of both worlds, you may want to consider renting a townhouse. There are many benefits of living in a townhouse, such as the following:

Minimal Maintenance

Townhomes are usually built in complexes with other townhomes. An association is formed to manage the grounds and take care of them. This means that when you rent a townhouse, you won't have to worry about doing yard work or taking care of the exterior of the building that you live in. In most cases, any maintenance fees assessed for upkeep of the grounds will be included in your monthly rent.

Private Outdoor Space

When you don't want a large private backyard like that of a single family home but a small patio or balcony of an apartment isn't enough space, a townhome can be a perfect compromise. Most townhomes have a small, private backyard for the renter's personal use. You can use your outdoor space for patio furniture, container gardening, or a place for your pets to safely spend outdoors. Since townhome backyards tend to be small, they will not require a lot of maintenance or yard work. 


If you rent an apartment, you may have neighbors on both sides of your unit, as well as above and below you. This can be frustrating if you have loud neighbors or if the walls in the apartments are very thin. While townhomes do share some walls, most townhomes have multiple levels, so you don't have to worry about hearing anyone above you, nor do you need to be careful not to disturb a neighbor below you. Townhomes are often sold in a similar way to single-family homes, so the construction may also be a step above that of a large apartment building.


Since many townhomes are in a complex, there are often amenities available for the residents to enjoy. You may be able to find a townhome for rent in a complex that has pools, hot tubs, a gym, barbecue grills, tennis courts, and a clubhouse for residents. Every townhome complex is different, so before signing a new lease for a townhouse, it is a good idea to find out exactly what amenities are available for you to use for as long as you are a renter there.


6 January 2017

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