3 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Single-Family Home in Your Retirement Years

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If you are reaching your retirement years and you want to purchase a single-family home, there are a few things that you need to consider now that you didn't consider when you considered a home in your younger years. When you are purchasing a home in your sixties or beyond, there are different features and considerations you need to make.

#1: Size

Many people, when purchasing a home in their retirement years, are looking to downsize to a smaller home that is easier to take care of. When you look at homes, think about how you will feel taking care of the home when you are seventy, eighty, or even ninety years old. Also, consider how much space you need to live in. Moving into a smaller home with less space to take care of may be the right choice for you.

#2: Accessibility

When you purchase a home in your retirement years, you need to think about the accessibility of the home. If you ever needed to use a walker, scooter, or wheelchair to get around, is there enough space in the home for you to get around with a mobility device? If there is not enough room, are the upgrades easy, such as installing larger doors, or difficult, such as widening the hallways in the home?

You want to purchase a home where the upgrades to make your home accessible, if needed, will be easy, such as widening the doorways or installing grab bars in the bathroom. You don't want to purchase a home that would need to be completely remodeled.

#3: Location

When it comes to what you look for in a location in your retirement years verses your childrearing years, the school district your home is in doesn't matter so much anymore. Now, you want to purchase a home that is close to medical facilities, such as hospitals. If you need emergency care, you want help to get to you quickly. You also want the home to be located near the community you want to be a part of. If your family lives on one side of town, or the activities that you like to participate in are all located in one area, it makes sense to purchase a home in that area. 

When it comes to purchasing a single-family home in your retirement years, consider downsizing to a home that is easier for you to take care of. Make sure the home would support the use of mobility devices if necessary in the future. Choose a home that is located where you want to be and somewhere that is near medical centers.


26 November 2019

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