Selling Your Home? 4 Things You Need To Tell Your Real Estate Agent

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If you're in the process of selling your home, and you need to meet with your real estate agent, there are a few issues you'll need to discuss with them. Being open and honest with your real estate agent can help you avoid problems with the sale of your home. Here are four things you need to share with your agent:

Your Relocation Schedule May Change

If you're selling your home as part of a relocation, and your schedule may change, you'll need to share that information with your real estate agent. Your relocation schedule will play a big part in determining time frames for potential sales. This information will need to be used when negotiating with potential buyers. If you don't share this information, and your relocation schedule changes, your agent may be left to satisfy disgruntled buyers before the sale falls through. 

You Might Have Issues With Permits

If you've had renovations done on your home, and you didn't obtain the proper permits, it's important that you share that information with your real estate agent. There are many home improvement projects that require permits from your city offices. Failure to obtain those permits could cause serious problems when trying to sell your home.  In fact, if you didn't obtain the proper permits, you may not be able to sell your home until you rectify the situation. The sooner you let your real estate agent know about the problem, the sooner they can go to work obtaining the necessary paperwork for the sale of your home. 

You've Had Problems With Your Neighbors

If you've recently encountered problems with your neighbors, and the situation has become volatile, you need to talk to your real estate agent as soon as possible. This is particularly important if you feel that your neighbors will try to interfere with the sale of your home. Your agent can help you take the necessary steps to prevent additional problems with your neighbors. 

Your Home is on the Brink of Foreclosure

If you're behind on your house payments, and your home is on the brink of foreclosure, talk to your real estate agent before you proceed with the sale of your home. Your real estate agent may be able to help you obtain a short sale for your home. Short sales are a good way to avoid foreclosure by speeding up the sales process. Utilizing a short sale can also stop the foreclosure process once the paperwork has been filed.


29 December 2019

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