5 Additional Rooms That Will Elevate Your Luxury Home

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When you shop for a luxury home, you will be presented with a variety of amenities and additions designed to appeal to buyers. And one of the most valuable perks is the added space found in a high-end home. Space is at a premium for many urban buyers, so it's key to finding their dream home. 

But, rather than just look for a lot of square footage that might go to waste, why not create a home with some of these rooms that you will actually use?

1. Laundry Room. A dedicated laundry room is more than just a washer and dryer shoehorned into a corridor. It is a space in which you can move around, sort colors, fold laundry, iron shirts, hang items to drip-dry, and hand wash things in a sink. Busy households do a lot of laundry, so you should be able to work in peace and comfort.

2. Flex Space. The idea of 'flex space' in a home is to have a room that is not already taken up by a designated purpose. This is a generic room that you don't have to remodel or explain away in order to change its use. Flex space could serve as your little kids' play area, then become a great craft room for mom, and then turn into a wine tasting room after the kids move out. The ability to shift gears easily is a luxury for most families.

3. Three-Season Room. A three- or four-season room is an enclosed patio or deck that's been upgraded to serve as a comfortable and relaxing space. It should stay at a good temperature due to good insulation and protection. But it is also open to nature with large windows, screens, and lots of natural lighting. This outdoor area adds useful space to the house and helps you enjoy your backyard at any time. 

4. Media Room. Many high-end homes used to include a home theater, but this has turned into a more modern 'media room'. The media room should use technology to the full in creating a phenomenal theater-quality experience. But it should also be designed as a fun place to play video games — including those that require moving around — and have concert-quality music experiences.

5. Dressing Room. The spa bathroom is a master bedroom must-have for many buyers, but in reality, it may not see as much use as they envision. On the other hand, a dressing room is something that everyone can get behind. The dressing room elevates your daily grooming and dressing tasks by turning them into a boutique experience. 

Could your life be made any easier by having one or more of these high-end interior spaces? No matter what you choose, you're sure to see the real-life benefit of all that extra space when it's more useful than you'd ever imagined. To learn more about modern home design, talk with a luxury home builder like GMD Homes today. 


9 January 2020

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