How To Narrow Your Real Estate Search

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If you are looking for a new home, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the number of properties on the market. Sometimes finding the perfect home can take time and patience, but learning to narrow your search can help you get results quicker. Here are three filters you should set when searching for your next real estate purchase:


Narrowing your search parameter can help you focus on your favorite neighborhoods. If you are set on a specific school district you can map out the boundaries. Use a map filter to outline the area your new home need to be in. This can help you cut out a lot of homes that don't check off this requirement. Get familiar with the city you want to buy in and decide what other location features you care about. Consider things like busier roads to avoid and proximity to shopping or entertainment. 


Price is one of the most important search filters you can use when searching for a home. Finding your dream home isn't helpful when it is several hundred thousand dollars over budget! Keeping your real estate property search tailored to your budget will help you see the right results. You should get pre-qualified before you start the search so you know these boundaries and have the maximum price to plug into your search. If you want to continue to narrow your results, you can adjust the minimum house price too.


You can select features to help you filter your real estate search results. If you don't want to consider a home without a pool, you can select that option and only be shown the homes with pools in your desired area. Other common features you can filter are things like gated communities, rambler, master suites, basements, or HOA's.


Some real estate property searches will allow you to search for specific keywords. This is a great way to search the handwritten details in a listing. Things like a second master bedroom, corner lot, or mother-in-law quarters might not be an option the seller had when filling out the feature portion of the listing. Many homeowners choose to highlight these selling features in the property notes. You can filter through listings by searching these phrases or words!

Shopping for real estate properties can be a lot of work. Learning how to narrow your search can help you cut down on time and focus on the right area. Find the right home using these filters!


29 September 2020

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