Elements to Look For in a Home for a Large Family

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Shopping for a home for a big family of eight or more is quite different from shopping for a home for a smaller family of three or four. Obviously, you need a home with enough bedrooms for everyone, but there are other aspects you should look for. Here are some other elements to look for as you shop for a home for a large family.

A Big Laundry Room

With lots of kids comes lots of laundry. You're not going to want to have baskets of clean and dirty clothing lining the halls or sitting around in all of the bedrooms. So make sure the home you buy has a spacious laundry room. If the washer and dryer are in the basement, that can work, but keep in mind that you'll be carrying a lot of baskets of clothes up and down those stairs. That could be good exercise or a real pain, depending on your health and goals.

A Playroom

Keeping toys tidy can be a chore when you have so many little ones. If you look for a home with a dedicated playroom, then you can keep all of the toys in there and just shut the door to hide the mess when people come over. This will save you so much time and allow you to present a tidier home.

A Location Set Back From the Street

With such a large family, you really don't want to buy a home with a front door that opens right up on the sidewalk. For one, you don't want a little one to end up in the street if they happen to pop out the door when you leave them unattended for a second. Also, moving into a home that's set a little further back can give you more privacy, which you'll probably find you want when caring for little ones. 

A Big, Eat-In Kitchen

While having a separate dining room may seem like a good idea, it will be tough to cook and also supervise your kids if they're waiting to eat in a separate room. For large families, big, eat-in kitchens seem to work best. The kids can sit at the table and do homework as you cook, enabling you to multitask between food prep and answering their questions.

A home for a large family should be spacious, comfortable, and welcoming. If you find a home with all of the elements above, that's a great home to consider! To get help finding the right single-family home, talk to a real estate agent.  


15 October 2020

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