Want To Buy A Fixer-Upper? 3 Functional Rooms Worth Prioritizing

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The type of house that you decide to buy will have a noticeable impact on your experience with house hunting along with the initial weeks and months of living there. A foreclosed home that is worn down enough may not be livable until you make substantial changes to the whole place.

If you are interested in a fixer-upper but you want to be able to live in it with your family right away, you should make sure to pick ones with several functional rooms.


When checking out single-family homes, you want to make sure that you get your hands on one with at least one functional bathroom that your family can use right away. This will make it easier to get settled in since everyone will be able to handle their normal bathroom tasks inside the house.

If you find a place with multiple bathrooms, you do not need the second and third ones to be functional because you can work on them over the course of weeks and months. Also, the main bathroom only needs to be functional in terms of using the toilet, bathtub, shower, and sink because cosmetic imperfections can be worked on without causing any family complications.


Another room that you will want to be functional upon moving in is the kitchen, especially if your family is used to making homemade meals. Even if you get a home with outdated appliances, as long as you are able to use them, you can move in and start cooking for your family on day one.

At the same time, you will want a functional sink, cabinets, and countertops so that you are able to store your kitchenware, wash dishes, and prepare meals without a problem. Figuring out these details should be easy enough through analyzing the listings and going on an in-person tour.


Getting functional bedrooms is important to make sure your family can function in the house that you buy from the moment that you get the keys. Any bedroom that your family will use to sleep in needs to be functional, which means you want the flooring, doors, and windows to be in working condition because this will allow each family member to sleep safely and comfortably.

If you are planning to buy a fixer-upper that your family can work on over time, you should make sure to demand a few functional rooms to enjoy living in the place from the beginning.


30 December 2020

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