Need Something Specific? 3 Ways To Help Your Agent Understand Your Vision

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When you start looking for a new home, it's important for you and your real estate agent to be on the same page. They need to know what you are looking for and what your style is, so that you can snag a place that checks all of your boxes. Here are three ways you can help your agent to understand your vision, so that you can zero in on the right property. 

1. Create An Online Design Board

One of the easiest ways to get on the same page with your real estate agent is to create an online design board. Bookmark different homes you like, either for their exterior, interiors, yards, or neighborhoods, and pin them to your board. Include pictures of different living spaces, bathrooms, bedrooms, and closets you like, so your agent can understand what you want. Share the design board with your agent so they can compare listings to your ideal. 

2. Take Them Through Your Current Home

Sometimes, it can help real estate agents to understand what you like about your current property. Take them through your house now and chat with them about what you love about the space. Explain why you picked the home in the first place, why it isn't working now, and what you wish it had. If you have friends with homes that you love, take them to those houses so they can see what you like. 

3. Explain Your Goals 

Every homeowner has different needs, whether you are thinking about downsizing to save money or you need more room to accommodate additional children you want to have in the future. Talk with your real estate agent about your long-term goals, and include details about your timeline. If you have hobbies or other interests that may require extra room, make sure your agent understands how much space you need for those activities. For instance, if you love pottery, make sure your agent understands that your studio space will need running water, electricity for your powered wheel, and a sink to clean up afterward. 

When you know what you want in a new house, turn to a real estate agent in your area who has experience helping others to find great places. Check their online reviews and current listings, and ask them if they have time to meet with you to talk about what you are looking for. If you talk with an agent and you feel like you don't have a rapport with them, keep looking until you find the right team. 

When you're ready to get your search started, contact a local real estate agent.


11 February 2021

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