Recommendations For Your Upcoming Historic Home Purchase

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The choice to buy a home is an exciting decision, but when you want to buy an older home because of its character or immense history, you will need to take some extra considerations to make sure you purchase the right one. Historic homes can be a fantastic investment. Here are some recommendations to help you in your purchase of a historic home.

Make a List of Updates

When you are looking to purchase a home that is many decades or more than a century old, you will need to consider the amount of work and updating it will need. This evaluation will help you to analyze actually how much work it is going to need and how much time is needed to spend on updating, and it will help you calculate the costs for your offer price. For example, when you submit an offer to the seller it is important that you take into consideration the roof you will need to replace at $25,000 or the flooring that needs replacing so you can offer an accurate price for the home's current condition and value.

You can also make a list of projects the home is going to need to help you prioritize the work when you do buy it and start to complete the projects. Some projects can be completed while you are living in the home, but others may require you to find other accommodations and potentially remain in your previous residence while the work is completed. For example, you may want to live elsewhere when your historic home's plumbing and water heater are updated and installed.

Stay Within a Budget

The budget for your home's renovations will need to be something you can afford personally or can work into your financing for your new mortgage. There are mortgage programs available that help you do both of these and keep the mortgage altogether. This type of mortgage, called a renovation loan will provide you the funds to buy the home at its purchase price and also pay for the repairs/updates that the home needs. 

But before you buy the home and get your loan you will need to calculate how much of a loan you need. You will need estimates on the needed repairs. Plan to get some renovation quotes for all the various repairs the property will need. The more accurate the estimates are the more on budget your repairs will be with your renovation loan financing. And to help you with your estimates for the home's needed work be sure to arrange a home inspection to identify all the areas in the property that need repairs or replacement.  


31 March 2021

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