Can A Real Estate Appraisal Affect Your Home Sale?

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After someone offers to buy your house, they will order some inspections to ensure the house is in good condition. Another service they will order is an appraisal. Buyers get appraisals for several reasons, and you should know the appraisal can affect your home sale. Here is a guide to help you learn more about this subject when selling a home.

Reasons buyers get real estate appraisals

So why would a homebuyer order an appraisal? They do this for two main reasons. The first reason is to ensure they buy the house at the right price. Appraisals tell you a home's value at the time of the service. You cannot learn the home value in other ways. So the only option is through a home appraisal.

Secondly, buyers get these because lenders will not issue loans without them. A lender bases the loan amount on the home's value, and they discover the value through a real estate appraisal.

Effects of an appraisal on home sellers

An appraisal tells you the home's value, and an appraisal will usually be for an amount higher or lower than the selling price. The first scenario is an appraisal higher than the home's selling price. In this scenario, the buyer and lender will be satisfied with the amount. As a result, they will proceed to the next steps of the closing process. The opposite scenario is when the value is lower than the selling price. In this case, the buyer can void the deal or renegotiate the price. The lender might also back out of the deal if this happens.

How to avoid problems during the appraisal

You can avoid problems during the appraisal by making the necessary improvements to your home. Secondly, you might decide to get a pre-listing appraisal to ensure you know your home's true value. Finally, you might want to be present at the appraisal to tell the appraiser all the details and specs of your home. If you do these things, your appraisal might come in at a higher amount, which is crucial for a home sale.

Learn more about real estate appraisals

You can get an appraisal before listing your home to ensure you ask for the right amount. But you can also wait to do this until the buyer orders it after making an offer. In either case, you can talk to a local appraiser to learn more about the process. For more information on real estate appraisals, contact a professional near you.


12 December 2022

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