Steps to Take if You Are Considering Buying a Water-Damaged Home

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While you are shopping for homes that are for sale, there is a chance that the house you like best may have experienced water damage in the past. If this is the case, you could decide to keep looking instead of purchasing a house like this, or you could decide to go ahead and buy the house even though it has water damage in its history. If you decide that you still want to buy the house, there are some steps you should take before you go through with closing on it.

13 August 2019

3 Critical Tips To Remember When Selling A Home

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After living in a home for decades, you may get the urge to move somewhere else. Although there are a lot of steps involved to sell real estate today, you can improve your odds of having success early on by remembering these tips.  Make Necessary Repairs Before you put your home on the market, it behooves you to fix major issues. Otherwise, you're going to struggle getting a decent offer, as home buyers probably don't want an extensive renovation project right after they move in.

4 August 2019

3 Situations That May Call For The Services Of A Property Manager

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One great way to bring in income for your family is to own a rental property or two; however, if you have ever spoken to a landlord, you will know that it isn't nearly as easy as it seems. Some of the tasks that you have to do with, such as routine maintenance, locating brand-new tenants, and dealing with emergency repairs, all take a significant amount of timeā€”and the more properties you own, the more time it takes.

19 July 2019

3 Important Things To Do When Screening Potential Tenants

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When a person applies to rent an apartment from you, it is so important to take time to screen the person, to make sure you choose good tenants for all your units. As you screen each person that applies, there are three important things you should make sure you do every single time. Verify an applicant's job and income The only way you can tell if a person has a job and enough money to pay the rent is through an employment verification.

3 July 2019

Why You Should Require That All Tenants Have Renter's Insurance

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As a landlord, you get to make the rules with your properties, and you should include all of your rules on the lease you require your tenants to sign. One rule you may want to institute with your properties is requiring that all tenants have renter's insurance. Renter's insurance is protection for your tenants and the things they own, and there are several good reasons you, as a landlord, should require this for all your tenants.

19 June 2019

A Few Things To Think About When You're Planning To Buy A Waterfront Home

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If you've decided to make your dream come true and buy a home on the water, you'll have many things to consider. You're not only paying for the house, you're paying for a beautiful view and access to water activities. Waterfront homes are usually more expensive than comparable homes on a typical street. You'll want to make a wise investment to protect your money and to end up with a home that provides you with the relaxing view and access to the water that you want.

1 June 2019

What To Expect When You Have Your Home Treated For Bed Bugs


When you find a bed bug in your home or wake up with bed bug bites, it is normal to feel panicked. While bed bugs do not carry diseases like mosquitoes do, their bites can be very itchy and annoying, and many people find it difficult to sleep knowing that their mattress is home to small bugs that will crawl on them and bite them at night. Unfortunately, a bed bug infestation is incredibly difficult to get rid of.

22 May 2019